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Guggul Gond (Regular) - Gugul Gond - Commiphora wightii


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Common Name :Guggul,Gugul,Gugal,Shallaki, Maishakshi, Gulgulu,Guggal

Botanical name: Commiphora wightii

Product : Babul Gond/Gum (Regular)

Form available: Lump

Country of Origin: India

Trade : Wholesale 

Traditional Uses : Gond guggul is used as incense, to make lacquers, varnishes, and ointments, as a fixative in perfumes, and in medicine

Gum guggul has been used to treat dysmenorrhea, dyspepsia, endometritis, hypercholesteremia, hypertension, impotence, bronchitis, caries, catarrh, gingivitis, hay fever, hysteria, inflammation, laryngitis, lochia, mania, pharyngitis, phthisis, sores, sore throat, stimulant, tonsillitis, tumors, wounds bone fractures, gout, scrofula, sciatica, facial paralysis, diplegia, leprosy, leucoderma, pectoral disorders, otorrhea, epilepsy, fever, strangury, hemorrhoids, dysmenorrheal, amenorrhea, ulcers, anemia, coronary, thrombosis, stomatopathy, pharyngopathy, spermatorrhea, urinary calculus, diabetes, trichosis, to enhance phagocytosis, to increase leukocytes, to induce abortion, and as a tonic for the uterus.

Modern Uses : Modern therapeutic uses of guggul include nervous diseases, hemiplegia, leprosy, marasmus, musclespasms, neuralgia, ophthalmia, pyelitis, pyorrhea, scrofula, skin disorders, spongy gums, ulcerative pharyngitis, hypertension, ischemia,hypertension, and urinary disorders. The Ayurvedic herb Inula racemosa, in combination with C. mukul, is used to reduce chest pain and dyspnea of angina.

Research studies showed that guggul is effective against aspects of cardiovascular disease. Guggul reduced the stickiness of platelets, and Gugulipid was shown to be an efficacious and cost effective treatment of hyperlipoproteinemia.

Source : Indian Institute of Natural Resins & Gums
SKU: WH-10620-1
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Keep it in a cool and dry place away from moisture and sunlight. Store the contents in an Airtight Container
after opening the package.

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